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the fabric of workwear

the fabric of workwear

Overalls for work clothes refer to the overalls used by the factories, and the majority of blue-collar workers are mainly manual laborers. This characteristic of overalls of work clothes determines that this work clothes has its own characteristics, and the used fabric also has its exquisiteness, which is different from other work clothes. Today we are going to introduce you to the commonly used fabrics for work clothes.

Polyester and cotton

Polyester refers to a mixed fabric of polyester and cotton, generally cotton 80, polyester 20; this type of fabric is mainly used in some work clothes, such as security services, as well as jackets and other purposes; the advantage is strong and durable

Cotton canvas and cotton

As its name implies, it is of course made of 100% cotton, but pure cotton cloth contains a larger range, including cotton canvas. The advantages of pure cotton are good hand feeling, comfortable performance, good moisture absorption, but poor fast-drying performance. For example, wearing such clothes in the summer is easy to absorb sweat, and it can adjust body temperature very well but it will feel heavy; cotton canvas in the past Generally used in bags of products, as well as shoes, etc., as well as some products with slightly higher strength requirements, are now used to improve overall strength of work clothes.

Polyester and cotton canvas

The thick Polyester contains both polyester and cotton components. As for its very specific proportion, there is no fixed fixation. Polyester/cotton canvas is developed on the basis of pure cotton canvas. Because of the addition of ingredients into polyester, the strength of the fabric will increase, especially in terms of wear resistance. This is very necessary for tooling.

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