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Coated man jacket with advantages

Coated man jacket with advantages

What is the fabric coating? Coated fabric is a kind of fabric that is processed by ordinary fabric into a special process. It uses organic solvent or water to dissolve the layer of colloidal particles into a liquid state, and then use a scraper or a roller to smear evenly on normal fabrics On the surface, after natural evaporation or baking gum particles to dissolve the liquid water or organic solvents out, so that the surface of the fabric also formed a thin film. This layer of film we can according to different requirements to develop different properties, such as fire, wind, corrosion, water and so on.

Advantages of coated fabrics

1.Coating fabric for man jacket is quite rich, but the advantages of each fabric has the same place, their same advantage is that the windproof performance of the coating fabric is quite good, and some Coated fabrics can even play a very good waterproofing effect. From

2.The feel of the coating fabric for man jacket is very comfortable and full, feel very silky touch, made into clothing touch will be very good, personal wear will not make people have a strange feeling.

3.From the color of the coating fabric point of view, it has a unique color, and its shiny also has a shiny effect, especially in the sun, the whole person seemed very spiritual. Is a good choice for making clothes.

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