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Application of Workwear lining

Application of Workwear lining

One of the linings and workwear accessories is mainly based on the material between the linings. If we have to describe it, we can compare him to the bone marrow. The role is to ensure the beauty of the overalls, and to adapt to the body and shape, can increase The suitability of the work clothes and masking the insufficiency of the human body play a role of modification. It also improves the wearing comfort, improves the service life of the overalls, and improves the processing performance.


There are many kinds of linings for work clothes, and they have different properties, wide range of uses, and many classification methods.


The first kind: cotton, linen lining


Cotton lining: also known as soft lining. Mainly used in the low-altitude plain white cotton cloth, and feel soft and comfortable to wear. Used for noodles, waistbands, etc. It is suitable for lining soft and hard and changing thickness in all parts of work clothes.


Burlap lining: There are two types of linings. The plain lining cloth of linen fabric has very strong elasticity and rigidity, and it is quite awesome. It is also suitable for making Chinese tunic suits and making work clothes.


Linen on a lining: The surface is slightly yellow with three types: thin, medium and thick. The most important feature is the smoothness of the hand, soft and moderate, and elasticity.

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